Hardwax Oil Extreme

Wood oil with wax components. Ideal for a silky gloss surface that is water repellent from the start. Offers additional pigment protection when using Colour Oil as well as Precolour. As basic treatment or for aftercare.

2.5L Natural
SFr. 201.40
neu SFr. 181.26
2.5L White
SFr. 228.70
neu SFr. 205.83


WOCA Hardwax Oil

WOCA Hardwax Oil can be used to easily create an extremely heavy-duty finish with a long-lasting silky-matte sheen.

We particularly recommend using Woca Hardwax Oil after treating wood with Master Colour Oil or Pre-Colour Black. Woca Hardwax Oil provides ideal support for the high pigment content in these products. Instead of Hardwax Oil, you can also use Maintenance Paste as an alternative.

Woca Hardwax Oil saturates the surface of the wood, forming
a protective layer against water and dirt and highlighting the wood's natural color and structure. This finish is extremely tough.

WOCA Hardwax Oil has been tested and is recommended by the Institute of Building Biology in Rosenheim, Germany

Product Info
Coverage: 8-12 m2 per liter, available in Natural and Extra White
Application: The room and floor temperature during the application process should remain between 15° and 30° Celsius. We recommend cleaning the floor beforehand with WOCA Wood Cleaner mixed with water (ratio of 1:40).
After allowing the floor to dry for approx. 6 hrs., apply Hardwax Oil evenly to the surface using a short-nap paint roller or the Oil Applicator. Do not leave any leftover WOCA Hardwax Oil on the surface. Allow the oil to dry for 8-10 hours. The floor may be stepped on with caution the following day, and will fully cure after 3 days at normal room temperature. Do not wet clean the floor during this curing period.

Items needed
floor polisher-professional or polisher-small, paint roller or oil roller
polishing cloths, 10x beige polishing pads, 2x

Applying Woca Hardwax Oil