Exterior Wood Shield 2.5L

Outdoor Wood Protect / Wood Shield is ideal for impregnating untreated wood such as garden furniture and decking. It protects and preserves the noble grey patina.
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Untreated wood in the exterior area gets a noble grey patina over time. Exterior Wood Protect can preserve this patina and at the same time provide durable wood protection. Protect/Wood Shield is ideal for impregnating garden furniture and terrace boards.

  • Gives the wood a water and dirt-resistant surface
  • Extends the lifetime of the wood
  • Increases the resistance of wood to wind and weather
  • Can also be used in other absorbent outdoor surfaces such as tiles, concrete and stone

If left untreated, outdoor wood takes on a beautiful grey patina. You can now maintain this look, while at the same time giving the wood long-lasting protection and extend its lifetime. The solution is Exterior Wood Shield, which is ideal for the treatment of untreated outdoor wooden surfaces, such as wooden garden furniture and patios. Exterior Wood Shield produces a water- and grime-resistant surface, while retaining the patina of the wood, as it does not add colour to it.