Deep Cleaner

Rejuvenates badly weathered, washed-out outdoor furniture; manual application; especially useful for getting hard-to-reach spots
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Deep Cleaner

Deep Cleaner – effective deep cleaning of badly weathered, washed-out outdoor furniture.

The cleaning system is based on cleaners A and B, which penetrate deep into the pores in the wood, removing old oil residue, algae, and moss, effectively rejuvenating weathered wood.

Deep Cleaner is great for cleaning outdoor furniture by hand, and it's especially useful for getting to hard-to-reach spots.

Deep Cleaner

Product Info

Deep Cleaner A dissolves dirt and rejuvenates wood, Deep Cleaner B neutralizes A and then lightens up the wood. Always make sure to use both products in the process. Coverage: 5-20 m2, depending on the condition and type of the wood. Always wear protective gloves and protective eyewear when using Woca Deep Cleaner. Apply the product using a nylon brush or a silicon carbide brush; both are available in the shop. Keep patio stones and other surfaces covered while applying the product, as natural stone can be discolored by the dissolved particles of dirt from the furniture.

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Please use the new Exterior Cleaner