Cleaning and Care Equipment for Outdoors

The most important equipment for cleaning, brightening up, and refreshing wood decks.

Silicon Carbide Brush
SFr. 57.10
Hair Brush
SFr. 47.40
Handle for Silicon Carbide Brush (Bulky Item by Mail)
SFr. 16.20
Violet Pad 406x10 mm
SFr. 18.30
neu SFr. 16.47
White Pad 406x10 mm
SFr. 5.30
neu SFr. 4.77
Paint Tray
SFr. 5.40
Brush for terraces 14cm incl. telescopic rod 90-160cm
SFr. 42.80
Brush for terraces 14cm excl. rod
SFr. 27.70
Paint roller
SFr. 13.10
Handle for lacquer roller 25cm (compatible with telescopic rod)
SFr. 22.40


Equipment for cleaning, brightening up, and refreshing wood decks

Winter can really do a number on the appearance of your wood deck. To get your deck back to its original splendor and looking fresh again, let us provide you with an equipment set for treating stressed wood decks.

Give your washed-out, grey deck a brand new finish.

The following items are needed for using Woca Exterior Cleaner and Woca Exterior Oil:

Oil applicator for decks

The oil applicator for decks allows you to get the right amount of oil for a smooth and even coat in outdoor areas of your home. The oil applicator includes: pad holder, pads, and handle

Silicon carbide brush with wood handle, for cleaning decks

The special bristles on the silicon carbide brush gently yet firmly clean wood surfaces, effectively removing dirt, algae, etc., together with WOCA Exterior Cleaner. The silicon carbide brush for manual use can be used on smaller deck areas, edges, and to get to hard-to-reach spots. For larger areas, we recommend using a floor polisher-professional with the silicon carbide universal brush attached.

If there happens to be larger gaps between the individual planks of the deck, we recommend using the hair brush to apply oil to the inward-facing surfaces after they've been cleaned. This is rarely the case, however. Typically, the distance between the planks is so small that it's not necessary or even possible to treat the inward-facing sides. This is why ordering the softer hair brush is optional.

The wooden handle is considered a bulky item when shipping via Swiss Post. We recommend having this item shipped using DPD.

Silicon carbide brush for machine use with the floor polisher-professional

Use the silicon carbide brush in conjunction with WOCA Exterior Cleaner to clean and brighten up wood decks in no time. The silicon carbide brush is a universal brush that may be attached using a pad to the drive pad of virtually any floor polisher on the market. The special bristles on the silicon carbide brush gently yet firmly clean wood surfaces, effectively removing dirt, algae, etc.

The complete set is available for rent hereWood Deck Cleaning Rental Set

Violet Abrasive Pad
To get a better fix on the drive pad, we recommend using a violet abrasive pad.

White Pad
The white pad is used to polish the oil finish. Any area of 30 m2 requires the use of 2-3 white pads.

Paint Tray

The Paint Tray is used with the deck applicator in particular, but it's possible to use it for other purposes as well.

Empty the oil into the deeper part of the paint tray, soak the applicator with the pad in the oil, then press out the pad in the dry part of the paint tray somewhat. This allows you to get the right amount of oil to apply, without wasting any.