WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer

Outdoor Wood Primer increases adhesion and durability on spruce, larch, and oak. Not necessary to use on other woods.

2.5 Liters Outdoor Wood Primer
SFr. 94.10
neu SFr. 84.69


Outdoor wood primer for spruce, larch, pine, and oak

WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer for priming outdoor wood like building exteriors, windows, fences, outdoor furniture, wood decks.

This helps make the finish last longer and improves bonding with WOCA Exterior Oils later. However, it's really only necessary to use Woca Outdoor Wood Primer on pine, larch, spruce, and oak. Other woods do not need to be pre-treated with Outdoor Wood Primer.

Woca Outdoor Wood Primer

Product Info
Coverage depends on the kind of wood being treated. On average, 15-20 m2 for each liter is to be expected. Work with WOCA Outdoor Wood Primer only when the temperature is at least 15° C and the weather is dry. Heat and intense sunshine should also be avoided. Drying time: 24 hrs. Afterwards, treatment can continue with WOCA Exterior Oil or Exterior Paint.

Do not use on red cedar or pressure-treated softwoods. Pressure-treated woods and hardwoods do not need to be pre-treated with Woca Outdoor Wood Primer.

Items needed
paint brush or roller

mop bucket or paint tray