All-in-One Wood Floor Care Set

Includes everything you need: Multi-Mop, Wood Cleaner,
Maintenance Oil, Oil Refresher, Natural Soap, Sponges,
and Care Guide with step-by-step instructions

Multimop I Natural
SFr. 273.33
neu SFr. 246.00
Multimop I White
SFr. 273.33
neu SFr. 246.00
Wheels 2 x 4x Multimop I
SFr. 30.00
neu SFr. 27.00


All-in-One Wood Floor Care Set

Like human skin, an oiled wood floor needs to be properly cared for. The oil finish needs to be cleaned and maintained the right way.

With the "All-in-One Wood Floor Care Set", your purchase includes all the basic supplies you'll need to keep your floor looking its very best at all times.

The set includes:
  • Multi-Mop I with cotton mop head or Multi Mop II Set
  • Mop bucket red, without wheels (for Multi Mop I)
  • 0.25 Liters Wood Cleaner (basic intensive cleaner for wood floors)
  • 0.25 Liters Maintenance Oil (for re-oiling at home)
  • 1.0 Liters Natural Soap (for monthly cleaning and maintenance)
  • 1.0 Liter Oil Refresher (oil care product for wood floors)
  • 2 sponges for cleaning, spot removal, and applying oil to smaller areas
  • 1 Care Guide

Using Multi-Mop   Getting the right amount of water   Multi-Mop Set   Wringing out Multi-Mop
Multi-Mop aufwaschen   Multi-Mop Dosierung   Multi-Mop Set   Multi-Mop auswaschen

The care guide contains clear instructions on how to properly care for your floor. If you still have questions, the team at Holzpunkt AG would be happy to help you.

The "All-in-One Wood Floor Care Set" is available exclusively in Holzpunknt AG's Online Shop at the special price of CHF 246.00 Multi-Mop I or with Multi-Mop II for CHF 224.00.