Wood Floor Re-oiling / Machine Rental

Wood Floor Re-oiling / Machine Rental

When your wood floor is showing a dull, matte finish, we recommend re-oiling it to freshen it up. Refreshing the finish gets rid of minor scratches and refills the pores in the wood with oil, creating an oil finish that protects against water and dirt.

Basic cleaning with Wood Cleaner
Before re-oiling the wood, it is absolutely necessary to clean the surface using Woca Wood Cleaner, which removes accumulated dirt, along with residue leftover from previous treatments with Natural Soap. This ensures that no pre-existing dirt gets mixed in during re-oiling. This normal intensive cleaning process can be done using a floor mop with a cotton head.

Tough stains
For especially tough stains like grease, blood, red wine, animal urine, etc., we recommend using Woca Spot Remover. Dark, black stains caused by furniture with metal feet, metal flowerpots, etc. are oxidation stains. These can be removed with the Woca Tannin Spot Remover.

Materials needed

To re-oil your wood floor, you will need additional equipment including pads, polishing cloths, Wood Cleaner, and oil. We can estimate the amount you'll need based on the area (in square meters) that you give us.

Machine Rental Polisher-Small
If you'd like to re-oil smaller areas of 10-20 m2 with Maintenance Oil, the handheld polisher-small is the right tool for the job. This machine is easy to operate, and you should quickly get the hang of it. When operating the polisher-small, remember to only use Woca Maintenance Oil. We recommend using the floor polisher-professional for larger areas.

Machine Rental Polisher-Professional

The floor polisher-professional can be used on larger areas, especially since the more capable machine makes the job of polishing significantly more efficient. Also, all professional oils may be used with this machine. On the other hand, using this machine properly takes some practice

Renting the machine and materials needed

  1. Please select the machine you wish to rent, the number of days, the materials you will use, and any other cleaning and maintenance products in the Online Shop.
  2. For re-oiling, select White for white-oiled floors and Natural for floors oiled in their natural color. You will receive the oil indicated in your selection. If you're not sure, leave this field open, and we'll contact you after you place your order.
  3. You can choose where you want to pick up the machine in the shopping cart under "delivery method". Possible locations include Zurich, Bern, Zug, and Wila.
  4. Complete your order in the online shop.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: In order to make an appointment to pick up the machine, please call the location you'll be renting the items from within three days after placing your order. You'll find the telephone number in the email you receive from us.


We ask you to please thoroughly clean the floor polisher-small or polisher-professional after you're finished using them. Otherwise we will have to charge a cleaning fee of 50.00 CHF.

Rental machines may only be picked up at our showrooms in Zurich, Bern, Zug, and Wila. We cannot ship them by mail!

Additional data
Polisher-Professional rental fee for 1st day
SFr. 50.00
Polisher-Professional: rental fee for each additional day
SFr. 20.00
Polisher-Small rental fee for 1st day
SFr. 30.00
Polisher-Small: rental fee for each additional day
SFr. 10.00
Wood Floor Re-Oiling / Machine Rental "Natural Oiled" Materials Needed + Maintenance Oil + Wood Cleaner for (number 1 = m2) Square Meters
SFr. 0.00
Wood Floor Re-Oiling / Machine Rental "White Oiled" Materials Needed + Maintenance Oil + Wood Cleaner for (number 1 = m2) Square Meters
SFr. 0.00
"Tough Stains" Spot Spray
SFr. 29.35
neu SFr. 26.42
"Tough Stains" Tannin Spot Remover
SFr. 29.35
neu SFr. 26.42