Stain removal discount package large "white"

Stain removal discount package large "white" Promotion!

Wild party, pet or just a mishap? Stains are part of everyday life. Luckily, oiled surfaces are easy to clean, especially with Woca's large stain removal set.

Stain removal set for white wooden surfaces

✔ for oiled, soaped and waxed wooden surfaces
✔ reliably removes stains on wooden surfaces
✔ incl. oil to refresh after stain removal

Somebody help! My floor is stained! No problem.

Ob Rotweinringe auf dem Tisch, Kaffee-, Fett- oder Wasserflecken auf dem Boden. Mit dem grossen Fleckenentfernungsset werden Sie fast alle* Flecken los – auf geölten, geseiften oder gewachsten Holzoberflächen im Innenbereich.

So geht's:

normally soiled surfaces

  1. Spray the surface evenly
  2. wipe with a damp towel
  3. let dry
  4. Revitalize wood with the care oil

Stubborn stains
(fat, blood, coffee...)Spray stain evenly

  1. Leave for 15 minutes
  2. Treat dirt with a sponge
  3. wipe with a damp cloth
  4. Revitalize wood with the care oil

black tannins
(tannic acid-rich woods like oak)

  1. Spray stain evenly
  2. Leave for 30-60 minutes
  3. wipe with a damp cloth
  4. Repeat the procedure if necessary
  5. Revitalize wood with the care oil
Note: Test the stain sprays on an invisible area to test the reaction with the surface. Do not use microfibre as this will remove the protective oil surface. Cotton fibres, such as terry towels, are well suited.

*With the stain kit the majority of stains can be removed. Unfortunately, there are also stubborn stains that cannot be removed or can only be removed with great effort. This applies, for example, to very dried and deeply indented stains. The faster stains are treated, the easier they are to remove. If you have any further questions or stubborn stains, our flooring professionals will be happy to provide information.

Discount Package contains:

Saving: SFr. 10.79

SFr. 105.40
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