NEW! WOCA Care Box Promotion!

For oxidative oiled wood floors. Everything you need in one handy box: Nerola Natural Soap, Oil Refresher, Care Guide

Care Box for Natural Oiled Floors
SFr. 52.90
neu SFr. 47.61
Care Box for White Oiled Floors
SFr. 52.90
neu SFr. 47.61


The New WOCA Care Box.
Cleaning and Maintenance of oiled wood floors.

You can rely on WOCA, the world's leading wood care specialists. This convenient box is the perfect set for treating your oiled wood floors for the first time. The new Care Box contains everything you need for the natural care of your wood floors, making your entrance into the world of wood floor maintenance that much easier.

In a sturdy cardboard box.
Contents: 1.0 Liter Nerola Natural Soap (NEW! Smells great, like a meadow of wildflowers in bloom), 0.25 Liters Oil Refresher, as well as a care guide with lots of tips.

Available for wood floors oiled in white or in their natural color.

WOCA Care Box

Special offer: Order 15 WOCA Care Boxes and get one free! (Special offer valid until end of May 2017)

The new WOCA Care Box. Give your wood floors perfect care from the start.