WOCA Spot Remover 250ml

Spot remover for tough stains like dried red wine, coffee, tea, blood, or grease spots.
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Spot Remover for stains on wood floors or furniture

Efficent spot remover for tough stains like dried red wine, grease, coffee, tea, etc.

WOCA Spot Remover has been tested to meet high standards of healthy living, so it can even be used on children's toys with no worries.

Woca Spot Remover on a wood floor
Woca Spot Remover for wood floors and furniture

Areas of Application:
Removes stains on wood floors and furniture that has been oiled, waxed, or sealed.
Spray WOCA Spot Remover on the stain and let it set in for 10-20 minutes. Scrub the spot using warm water and a white fine pad, then use a dry polishing cloth to buff out the spot. For particularly tough stains, repeat the process. Allow to dry for 12 hours, then treat the spot with Woca Maintenance Oil or Maintenance Paste.
Product Info
The Spot Remover penetrates deep into the pores in the wood to remove the stain. When this is done on woods that have changed color over the years due to heavy exposure to UV rays, it's possible that a light spot might be left behind. After a period of 2-5 months, the color will once again match the rest of the wood.
Spot Remover may be used on all kinds of woods. You may also use WOCA Intensive Cleaner Spray as an alternative.

Additional items needed:
Maintenance Oil to apply to re-treat the spot after stain removal,
scrub sponge

Woca Spot Remover Guide