Driftwood Lye

The driftwood reaction lye produces a weathered grey alluvial look. Only suitable for oak wood!

Driftwood Lye 2.5 Liters White
2.5 Liters White
SFr. 82.90
neu SFr. 74.61
Driftwood Lye TESTER 25ML White
SFr. 5.00
Driftwood Lye 2.5 Liters Lye Grey
2.5 Liters Lye Grey
SFr. 82.90
neu SFr. 74.61
Driftwood Lye TESTER 25ML Grey
SFr. 5.00


WOCA Driftwood Lye

WOCA Driftwood Lye gives oak wood the weathered look of alluvial wood. The driftwood lye is used as a pre-treatment on raw oak wood.


The contours of the wood structure are highlighted, the depth effect is emphasised. In terms of colour, WOCA Driftwood Lye achieves a silver-grey shade, similar to naturally weathered wood.

Woca Treibholzlauge

Woca Driftwood Lye Woca Driftwood Lye
Treibholzlauge Weiss Treibholzlauge Grau

Treatment from left to right: Woca Driftwood Lye White & Woca Highsolid Master Oil White, Woca Driftwood Lye Grey & Woca Colour Oil Extragrey. The pictures shown show the approximate colour shade, colour differences to the later sample cannot be excluded..

Product info

Applicable only on oak wood. Consumption 8-10m2/litre with one application. However, due to the sometimes strongly varying tannic acid content of oak, we recommend applying two coats. This is done immediately after the first treatment and requires no drying time. A particularly even application is achieved with the lambskin, also use the lambskin for the edges. The containers must be shaken well before and during the treatment. The lye is distributed directly from the container onto the floor.

We recommend covering the walls well with suitable liquid-impermeable adhesive tape. The lye is dry after a drying time of 48 hours. A white or grey sludge is now visible on the surface, this is now removed evenly with a beige pad. After the intermediate sanding, clean the wooden floor thoroughly with a hoover. This is followed by further basic treatment with oil.

Our recommendation
Pre-treatment with Woca Driftwood Lye white, further basic treatment with Diamond Oil Natur. Pre-treatment with Woca Driftwood Lye Grey, further priming with Woca Colour Oil 314 extra Grey.

Make samples
Not every oak has the same tannic acid content, some react more strongly to Woca Driftwood Lye. Therefore, always make a sample beforehand which consists of several individual panels. It is important that you use the same application tool as you will be using later.

What you need
Paint brush, telescopic rod, single-disc machine, hoover, gloves, 2 lambskins, 2 beige pads.

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